Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Dawn Chorus

I hauled myself out of bed before first light this morning and went and sat in the garden to listen to the dawn chorus, now building towards its peak as newly arrived spring migrants add their voices to the throng of resident species. First up was the raucous call of a Carrion Crow at 05.35, followed by the soothing cooing of Woodpigeons at 05.38. It wasn't until 05.44 that the first quietly tentative phrases of Robin song marked the start of the dawn chorus proper, which grew in diversity and intensity of the next hour or so, with the following species heard or seen, in order of appearance: Tawny Owl (hooting at 05.51), Blackbird (singing from 05.52), Wren (singing from 05.56), Pheasant (calling male 05.56), Blackcap (singing from 06.01), Song Thrush (singing from 06.05), Sparrowhawk (one flew over 06.06), Mallard (male flew in an landed on the pond at 06.08), Blue Tit (singing from 06.10), Dipper (calling 06.12), Chiffchaff (singing from 06.17), Grey Wagtail (calling 06.21), Coal Tit (singing from 06.23), Herring Gull (flew over 06.26), Dunnock (singing from 06.34), Goldcrest (calling 06.47). Plus Chaffinch, Great Tit and Mistle Thrush all heard singing later in the morning.

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